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Steel & Rye / Olmstead Wine Dinner - $75 / guest

Sunday, April 28th | 6pm

Come join us at our Dorchester location for a super dope evening of food and natural wine!

We will host our friends Brendan Joy, chef at the award winning Steel and Rye, and Oscar Hernandez, owner of  Olmstead Wine Co, for a 4-course dinner paired with exceptional Italian natural wines.

Seats are limited!

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Sunday, March 31st | 4pm-6pm

Owner Matt and GM Kara take you through a tasting of 5 natural wines and their perfect partner cheeses.

What in the heck are "natural wines" and why should you care? How are current cheese and winemakers both honoring and adapting traditional practices? Why is cheese so damn good? 

We are lucky to know so many of our makers, and we look forward to sharing their stories. Join us as we delve into the processes and people behind some of our favorites, along with generous tastings and complimentary food pairings.

Expect to learn, eat, drink and fall in love with some new gems!